Friday, April 28, 2017

SuperImage Website

My portion of the group project was to create the website that would serve as the hub for everyone else's designs and things to be seen. I wanted to keep everything simple and readable. My main focus was keeping everything consistent through the website with the identity that we chose. That way, later on, if anybody wants to use it the groundwork will already be done.

We chose to have a typewriter font because we wanted to help convey an old time feel and also give a sense of professionalism and credibility from the start by having something that is easy to read and classic.

I tried to create contrast between the colors that we used to give balance to the loud colors that we used in our palette. I also wanted the words to be readable against the strong colorful background.

I had a thought to make the sections of each page into blocks but I felt like that would mess up the continuity and flow of the page so I went with a very center straight line that is easy to follow down the page.

The law of closure works throughout my design, on the identity page especially. there is almost box you can draw for each section of the page but there are no actual lines dividing everything.

The also brings me to the quiet structure aspect of the design. With the identity page there is a structure that is established with how neatly everything is lined up as well as the circles for the color palette make a pleasing line that help tie the page together.

Our home page with the video communicates that we are a small video production company that can help bring your stories to fruition. There is continuity and flow through, all of the pages have the same style and layout that make it very familiar and easy to navigate the pages. The way the website has intuitiveness there are the social media icons that are clickable that take the reader to the different pages. Our page is also mobile friendly and everything works and shows up in the correct place and order on that format.

There is one thing that i would love to add to the page but fix wouldn't let me put it where it would make the most sense and look the best. That is the logo. It kept disappearing behind the top banner when I tried to incorporate it.

The site is live at

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