Friday, April 28, 2017

SuperImage Website

My portion of the group project was to create the website that would serve as the hub for everyone else's designs and things to be seen. I wanted to keep everything simple and readable. My main focus was keeping everything consistent through the website with the identity that we chose. That way, later on, if anybody wants to use it the groundwork will already be done.

We chose to have a typewriter font because we wanted to help convey an old time feel and also give a sense of professionalism and credibility from the start by having something that is easy to read and classic.

I tried to create contrast between the colors that we used to give balance to the loud colors that we used in our palette. I also wanted the words to be readable against the strong colorful background.

I had a thought to make the sections of each page into blocks but I felt like that would mess up the continuity and flow of the page so I went with a very center straight line that is easy to follow down the page.

The law of closure works throughout my design, on the identity page especially. there is almost box you can draw for each section of the page but there are no actual lines dividing everything.

The also brings me to the quiet structure aspect of the design. With the identity page there is a structure that is established with how neatly everything is lined up as well as the circles for the color palette make a pleasing line that help tie the page together.

Our home page with the video communicates that we are a small video production company that can help bring your stories to fruition. There is continuity and flow through, all of the pages have the same style and layout that make it very familiar and easy to navigate the pages. The way the website has intuitiveness there are the social media icons that are clickable that take the reader to the different pages. Our page is also mobile friendly and everything works and shows up in the correct place and order on that format.

There is one thing that i would love to add to the page but fix wouldn't let me put it where it would make the most sense and look the best. That is the logo. It kept disappearing behind the top banner when I tried to incorporate it.

The site is live at

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Compose your Frame

I took this photo when I landed in the long beach airport. The landscaping and design of the terminal was amazing so I had to stop to try and take a cool picture. This airport is very different because it's an open air airport. There were lots of opportunities with this design to compose an interesting picture. When I took the picture I had the rule of thirds in mind and I tried to put everything in a third that I could. I think I achieved this by using the diagonals of the palm trees to create a path that falls in the right third. Also the tops of the bushes are settled into the top third of the frame.

The diagonals were also very strong in this photo. The palm trees lead your eye to the back of the photo almost creating a path to what is the baggage claim area. There is also the diagonal created by the actual walkway that takes you to that point as well.

There are many graphic and index vectors that further reinforce all of the other elements. The walls of the building, The bushes that draw your eye over to the path, the actual path created by the palm trees. The trunks of each palm tree are all graphic vectors leading the eye up towards the leading lines.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Design Presentation

For this assignment I had to choose something near and dear to my heart. Movies. More specifically, movie posters and the advertisement around new releases, especially big block-buster titles. When I look at a design for a movie poster one of two things happens. I get excited about this new movie and instantly look up the trailer, or I see it and I'm not interested. All of this happens in three seconds. This relates back to the visceral response that we get when we see something. That shock and awe factor. I thought a good movie poster to choose for this assignment would be one that is highly anticipated because of it's history and legacy that it already holds. The new King Kong movie.

Good Design
     This design is really pleasing on the eyes with it's more dark muted pallet, but it has those few pops of color that draw the eye. Particularly the eye is drawn straight to King Kong himself with the bright bold colors above his head. All of the lines in the design also lead straight to him. The soldiers in the formation of an arrow literally point straight to him, the helicopters help to further enforce that focal point of the poster. The reason that his poster is so effective is partly because of the legacy and history that this movie has. King Kong is a classic. With the lines drawing your attention straight to the looming figure in the back, you instantly know what movie this is going to be before you read the title. The law of proximity comes into play with the soldiers and the title creating a triangle that is pointing to the thing we're suppose to look at. The law of closure helps us to further recognize that the figure is King Kong.

Bad Design

     The design does a few things very well. It creates a good contrast with color to capture your attention with the green smoke, which is the only color used really in the design. It also makes you question what is going on right when you see it, which forces you to dissect the design and keeps it in the back of your mind. This would be a great poster to use as the very first one in the campaign. One that introduces the concept but doesn't show anything and leaves it up to the imagination of the audience to figure out the specifics. The way that it is a bad design is that you can't really understand what is going on. From far away this would be an impossible poster to read. It would look like a gray cloud with a green streak running through it. It is hard to find any gestalt principles within this design. While this may not be a terrible design by itself in comparison to the one above it is. They both go to the same audience but this design is just too dark to see what's going on. The figure of King Kong just isn't as effectively used here as it is in the first design.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Contrast, Harmony, Balance

This is a photo I took last time I was in Huntington Beach, California. For this photo the figure aspect is the incoming wave and the first few sets of columns that are in sharp focus. However, all the lines in this photo draw your eye to the background where that amazing emerald green color comes out. The further back into the picture your eye goes the more out of focus it becomes. Which acts as the ground aspect of the photo because the out of focus portion of the photo brings your eye back to the foreground where everything is in sharp focus.

There is a lot of contrast within this picture from the colors of the columns, the colors of the water, or even contrast in the sense of the textures that are received from this photo. The hard and rough pillars against the soft and fluid sea water.

The balance comes from the overall symmetry of the structure of the pier. All of the columns are lined up perfectly and they are even on each half of the photo. Even the wave coming in is almost symmetrical.

These all create a harmony because everything is balance out. The bright greens of the water contrast with the muted tones in the foreground. The depth of field as the photo goes back and keeps the eye moving  towards the vanishing point and then backtracking to the foreground gives harmony to the photo.

The psychological context of this photo comes out more in the feelings that are triggered. For me I see a lot of pleasing lines and beautiful colors through the water. Which give me feeling of being carefree and happy. For some the ocean and this pier might trigger feelings of adventure and fun. While I was attempting to capture this photo there were about thirty kids running all around, splashing in the sea and having the time of their lives.

The social context of this photo might be more apparent from behind the camera. While I was trying to take this photo there were all the kids running around and trying to line up a shot was hard.  I had to time it with the waves coming in and get all the kids out of the frame. After about twenty minutes the kids realized that I was still there trying to take the photo so they all kind of subconsciously moved out of the center of the pier and played in the periphery for about five minutes. They noticed that there was a photo trying to be taken and the rules of our society are generally that if you're not meant to be in the picture you move out of the way. The kids did just that and there was this kind of relationship in the mutual understanding that we shared.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Visceral Response

This is a sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It is called The Rape of Proserpina. While having what I find to be a terrible name for the sculpture this image was the first thing that popped into my head when we were told about this assignment. This sculpture is truly stupefying. The amount of perfect detail and the execution of form and shape blows my mind. I get a feeling of awe, of being mystified, and completely dumbfounded as to how he could create this out of stone. All of the lines in the sculpture lead you back to the center where the arms are. This location is where the shape and form are truly stupefying. The way  that there is an indentation on the thigh where the hand is grabbing gives it the most life like quality. The way the shadows are cast in to it give more dimension. The lines of the veins and tendons in the arms and hands further this notion that they are real people. All of these things give a texture to the figures. They are made out of stone so they obviously would be courser than skin but the way the light hits it gives it a feeling of smoothness like skin. When I first glance at this sculpture my first feeling is awe. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Who am I?


My name is Wyatt Naplin. 

Originally I'm from a small town about 30 minutes to the west of Salt Lake City called Grantsville. It's a little podunk hick town with plenty of faults but it's a fantastic place to grow up. I have been down at dixie for just over a year and a half. I managed to get my associates degree and am now working on my major in film. Film is my passion, I enjoy every aspect of it. I love going to the movies to see big finished works, and I love making my own smaller stuff. Im excited to take this class to see how it can better my approach to film to make it more effective.